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Week 4

We kicked off the week with a brilliant First Aid workshop organised by the Friends of Bramber. We learnt the number to call in an emergency and how to help someone who is choking or bleeding. The Ducklings listened carefully and worked well together, taking it in turns to role play the different scenarios.


We learnt about another famous artist, this time from Spain – Pablo Picasso and we looked at some of his portrait paintings before having a go at recreating our own.


We then travelled to the continent of Africa! It has been great fun discovering the world’s largest, hot desert – The Sahara! We found out about some of the animals which live in the desert e.g. camels, lizards and snakes! We discussed how people may journey across the Sahara too. In Africa, there are over 1500 languages spoken which amazed us – We also had a go at singing and dancing to a song from Ghana – ‘Che che kule’ – We loved the rhythm and the moves J


As we moved to the south of Africa, we noticed a change with the environment… Grass was growing and there were trees… We had stumbled across the African Savannah and all its marvellous animals, including the BIG FIVE; Lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo and elephant and made animal masks for our safari role play.


We also learnt about Anansi the spider, a folk tale character from West Africa and we listened to the Anansi story of how the moon came to be in the sky.


We are so close to Antarctica now and we can’t wait to explore the continent next week J