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Week 3

What a week! We have visited two countries in just five days; France and Spain!


We set off on the Eurostar on Monday morning and arrived in Paris! We converted our home corner into a French bistro and we learnt about the different foods they like to eat in france. We discovered a new language and how to say hello in French – Bonjour! We learnt about the famous Eiffel Tower and recreated our own versions with different construction materials. We discovered the artwork of Henri Matisse, a French artist and created our own collage pictures based upon his ‘The snail’ picture. We made our own flags and recreated the ‘Tour de France’ outdoors with everyone taking turns and the spectators cheering on the cyclists! The winner was presented with the 'Tour de France' trophy which we created together using our recyclable materials. We then read the story Anatole and tried some French cheeses just like the cheese tasting mouse in the story!


We then hopped in our car and drove across the border to Spain – Hola! Another country, language and culture to explore. We saw some of the sights, tried some jamon and olives and even experienced Flamenco dancing!


We all need a good rest this weekend before we continue on our journey next week - we are a step closer to Antarctica!