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Today we learned about types of teeth and how they impact what we can eat!

The children have been learning about Howard Carter this half term. Today they confidently shared their writing with each other and were able to project their voices and articulate so that the words were clear.

We have finished making our very own steady hand games in DT. Overall, quite successful!

In History, we have been exploring the chronology of Ancient Egypt. Why is there is 4'000 year gap in our timeline?

We have been enjoying learning about audio editing software. One website you can access at home for free is:

Ask me about: circuit, voltage, current, cell, battery, conductor and insulator.

Today we imagined what it might have been like to be Howard Carter exploring Tutankhamun's tomb for the first time in 3000 years!

If you want to try, have a go at a little maths

challenge that stumped us today!


I'm thinking of a 4 digit number..

Rounded to the nearest ten it's - - 20

Rounded to the nearest hundred it's - 500

Rounded to the nearest thousand it's 7000


What could my number be?

Our visitor, Inventors and Makers and their STEM workshop with year 4!

Today we explored the River Nile and the importance of it for Ancient Egyptians.

Making a fruit battery! Citrus fruits provide citric acid, and acids contain ions which conduct electricity, making the fruits our electrolytes!

It was so lovely to meet some of you on Friday. If you were unable to make the parents' meeting, please have a look at the presentation that we shared and get in touch if you have any questions.

Reading buddies with Year 1!

Today we explored 1000 through measures. We measured liters, kilometers and kilograms and learned that each is worth 1000!

We mummified some tomatoes for our WOW START!