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Heron class blog - week 13

Week 13


This week we have been doing Sat's practice. We also did dodgeball outside, we also have a new art style we are doing in art which is Pop Art. In English we continued writing our 1900's-2000's stories, we got ideas from things and events that happened in those years. We did Carol practicing in the hall and then more story continuing. After that we did more writing our stories. At the end of the day we did computing. Then we did glockenspiel with Simon, after that we did French. Then some of us auditioned for Brambers Got Talent. Even more story writing . After that we did more Sat's, then F.O.W. After that we did more Sat's papers (we did that all week). Then we learnt more about the 1980's PPT from last week. In art we started planning our pop art designs after finding out who Andy Warhol was. Then we did F.OW quizzes and reading. At the end we did outdoor PE. We did more English (continuing our stories) then continued with science groups for our experiments with electricity including after Lunch.


By Michaela and Poppy H