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Week 4 24.01.22

Week 4 24.01.22 Lost and Found


This week we travelled to the continent, Africa! It has been great fun discovering the world’s largest, hot desert – The Sahara! We found out about animals which may live in the desert e.g. camels, monitor lizards and sand vipers! We discussed how people may journey across the Sahara too. In Africa, there are over 1500 languages spoken which amazed us – We did have a go at singing a song from Morocco in Arabic – ‘Arsomo Baba’ – We loved the rhythm and ‘painting’ each other in colours :)


As we moved to the south of Africa, we noticed a change with the environment… Grass was growing and there were trees… We had stumbled across the African Savannah and all its marvellous animals, including the BIG FIVE; lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo and elephant! We thoroughly enjoyed creating our own African safari in the classroom, observing wonderful animals in their natural habitats!


We left Africa on Friday and sailed across the Southern Ocean, identifying many different animals below the surface; leopard seals, Emperor penguins and the largest animal in the world, the blue whale! We are so close to Antarctica now and we can’t wait to explore the continent next week :)


In other areas of learning, we have been introduced to addition in our number learning. We have used many resources to help us combine two quantities together to find the total e.g. part whole model, unifix blocks and number lines. In phonics, we have learnt the sounds w, z and x and a new red, tricky word ‘put’. We identified that the ‘u’ was the tricky part as it doesn’t make the right sound – We are great reading detectives!


So after another very busy week of travelling across the world, we are in need of a restful weekend so we are ready to dive into the wonders of Antarctica next week – Brrr, don’t forget your coats everyone!!!