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Week 3 17.01.22

Week 3 17.01.22 Lost and Found


Wow, we have visited two countries in one week; France and Spain!


We set off on the Eurostar Monday morning and arrived in Paris. We discovered a new language and how to say hello and goodbye in French – Bonjour! Au Revoir! We learnt about the famous Eiffel Tower, the ‘Tour de France’ and we discovered the art work of Henri Matisse, a French artist.


We then hopped in our car and drove across the border to Spain – Hola! Another country, language and culture to explore. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience Flamenco dancing, using a castanet and our bodies to create sound!


Throughout the week, we have also found time to learn 3 new sounds; j, v and y and learn 3 new numbers; 6, 7 and 8! We used our learning of letters and sounds to write postcards about our adventure across the world.

We enjoyed reflecting on what we have experienced so far and we look forward to exploring new places next week. We are a step closer to Antarctica!