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Phases of the Moon

We have been learning about the different phases of the moon. We drew a diagram in our books to show how the moon changes over 29 days.

We also had a go at using Oreos to show the different phases in the moon cycle. This was really fun (and tasty!).

Peter Thorpe

In art, we have been looking at abstract artist Peter Thorpe. He is famous for his space/rocket paintings. Peter uses bright colours that make his paintings stand out! We have looked at lots of different ones and picked out our favourites.

The Darkest Dark

We have started to read the book ‘Darkest Dark’ which is based on the childhood of real-life astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield. The story is about a boy who faced his fears and went on to reach the stars!

We are now planning on writing our own biography about Neil Armstrong. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about him throughout our research. He was the first man to walk on the moon…Wow!

They use different types of hose…the bigger the fire, the bigger the hose! They also use big hydraulic cutters called ‘the jaws of life’ that are used to cut through thick metal. For example, when they go to car accidents. They also use ‘spreaders’ to open the metal if it cannot be cut and someone needs to get in or out!

Fire Crew Visit

On Tuesday, we had a visit from the Worthing fire station crew. Their names were Vicky, Steve, Darren and Libby. Libby and Steve came inside to talk about the different duties within their roles. Libby showed us their fire/heat resistant uniform and how it protects different parts of their body. This is really important to make sure they don’t get burned. They also explained how they use an oxygen tank and mask to give them clean air when they are in a fire to protect their lungs from smoke. We loved hearing about the different types of emergencies they go to. They don’t just save people from fires, they go to water rescues, car accidents and save animals!

W/B - 04/10

Space Art

Kingfishers made their own universe painting. They flicked the end of their paint brush creating a spray effect on the paper. They drew rockets, planets and astronauts on white card to stick over the paint. They look amazing!


Space Game

In the afternoon, we played 'Race to the Galaxy!' They had to gather resources for their planet using their hovercrafts (hoops) to move around their toxic planet! They had to work as a team to move from hoop to hoop so they could collect all their resources before the others did!

Show and Tell...

Kingfishers were asked to bring in anything related to space that they wanted to share from home. We had books, activity packs, proof of ownership of a part of the Moon (how cool!), and space globes!

We were even lucky enough to have our very own Astronaut in the class!

Mission to…

Each group of children worked as a team to create a poster about their table planet. The poster had to include important information that you would need to know if you were travelling there. They assigned jobs to each other such as artist, researcher and designer so they could use their time efficiently.

They presented their posters at the front of the class, sharing lots of useful information about their planet and explained the thinking behind their designs. They look awesome!

Space Day!

On Monday, Kingfisher class had their very own space day. The day was filled with lots of fun and interesting activities relating to their topic…Space!

W/B - 27/09


In art we carried on designing and adding colour to our 6x6 squares. We used paint, fine liners, pencils, colouring pencils, felt tips and other kinds of resources!


In RE this week, we finished our Hinduism posters. We included lots of facts about the gods, the enteral city Varanasi and where India is on our planet! We used lots of color to make them bold and eye-catching!


In English we practiced our handwriting, focusing on our y’s and g’s. We continued to edit our Wonder diary entry to make sure all the correct grammar and punctuation was used. We revisited some learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives and practiced using them in sentences.


This week in math's, we learnt to round numbers up to 1 million. We played some games using a number line. We made a guess of where the number would be on the line. We also used a dice to create our own numbers and round them to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 & 10000.

W/B - 20/09


This week in math's, we learnt about numbers in the tens of thousands. We placed the numbers from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. We partitioned the numbers to help us understand the value of each digit. Bigger numbers aren’t so scary!

We have been practicing our fluent in 5 and rapid reasoning… We are getting quicker and quicker!

This week in math's we did fast adding. We added 15 + 8 and then made the 15 into a 20 by adding 5 to it. Then that left us with 3. So we did 20 + 3 = 23. This will help us in the future with activities because we will be able to add really quickly!


In English, we have started to read the book ‘Wonder’. We have read a few chapters already. We have made character maps which include writing about August, Via (Sister of August), Mum and Dad. The special message we have learnt so far from reading ‘Wonder’, is that being different is ok and it’s really important to treat everyone kindly. In the book, Via defends August against bullies. This shows how important it is to support friends and make sure everyone feels comfortable and happy.

We pretended to be August from ‘Wonder’ and wrote a diary for his first day at his school.

We also did some spellings with the silent letter ‘b’.


We have linked our artwork to the book we are reading in English. We painted outlines of a face using water colors and sponges. We covered the background with words that related to us. For example, our favorite color or hobby.

We also did six by six squares in our sketch books. In the little squares we did any sketch we wanted to and used different resources such as paint, fine liners or pencil.


We have been learning lots about Hinduism. We are so lucky to have Mrs Ramprasad in our class...she is Hindu. She has shared lots of really interesting facts with us about their gods. We are making information pages including all of the things we have learnt recently.


For our first P.E lesson, we watched 2 different dances. The first one was ‘Swan Lake’ which was very different to the second video showing ‘Lindy Hop’ dancing. We all found this style a little bit funny but also very cool! We talked about the different techniques and skills used such as strength, and gymnastics. We can’t wait to learn how to Lindy hop dance.