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On this page of our website you will find different stories that you can access at home. There are links to different video clips and audiobooks. Remember to speak to your adult at home if you are unsure. We hope you enjoy this section of our Year 5 home learning page. We will keep updating it with more stories!

Life in Anglo Saxon Britain | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Life in Anglo-Saxon Britain is shown through the eyes of a family, including an exploration of different approaches to medicine and the great story of Beowulf...

Maisie Day explains... Entropy

Maisie Day explains Entropy!

Maisie Day explains... Mobius Strips

Maisie Day explains Mobius Strips!

Maisie Day explains... The Big Bang

Maisie Day explains The Big Bang!

Maisie Day explains... Black Holes

Maisie Day explains Black Holes!