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Week 6

We began the week by talking all about Christmas! We listened to the Nativity story and made links to the characters and story in our upcoming Nativity Show!


We decided that it would be a nice idea to make our own Christmas cards to send to our families. We then set to work, busily painting our Christmas scene picture for the front of the card and writing our special message inside. We then made sure the correct address was written on the front of the envelope and stuck on the stamps. We then talked about how we would post them by walking to the local post box, The Ducklings knew the importance of keeping themselves and others safe whilst we walk out of the school grounds. We all made sure we knew what to do and felt well-prepared.


We have also spent part of the week rehearsing for our wonderful Nativity play. We have been practising all the songs and actions and the Ducklings have shown themselves to be fabulous singers and performers! We have also loved the opportunity to team up with Robin and Chaffinch class to create a magical show! We are very much looking forward to sharing it with all the grown-ups!.


Finally on Friday, we completed our outing to the local postbox. We held hands with a partner, listened to our adults instructions and remembered to 'stop, look, listen and think' when we approached a road. The ducklings were so sensible and listened so well that the grown-ups were all extremely proud of them.


Only 1 week left till our Christmas Holidays – We look forward to lots of Christmas fun next week J


We hope you enjoy your weekend everyone!