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Week 4 04.10.21

Week 4

‘This is me’ – Our Bodies


Another very busy week for Duckling Class! We have discovered that everyone has a skeleton and it’s made up of lots of bones!

We have been discussing the importance of our skeleton; helping us to move, protecting vital organs and acting as our frame! We are now beginning to name some of the bones, for example skull, spine and collar bone! We have also enjoyed sharing the well-known story ‘Funnybones!’ which has linked nicely to our learning of the human skeleton – We especially enjoyed joining in with the stories repeated refrains: ‘The big skeleton scratched his skull… Down the dark dark staircase, there was a dark dark cellar!’


We have also been introduced to the numbers 1 and 2 this week! We have enjoyed watching an episode of Numberblocks to meet both numbers. We’ve had a go at find 1 or 2 objects in our classroom as well as having a go at writing the numerals!


During our circle times, we’ve shared the story of The Colour Monster. We have been introduced to 4 important emotions; happiness, anger, fear and sadness. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our own experiences of these emotions and how we can find ways to understand and manage each one. We have also spent time revisiting our Bramber Values and discussing the value of Achievement – We spent time celebrating some of our achievements from our first few weeks at school!


Well done for another brilliant week Ducklings :)