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Week 8

Week 8


We had an insect day!


We got new seats and class jobs! And we had FiF (fluent in five) and times tables. Next we had maths, we learnt about co-ordinates on how they are read and how to draw them given an instruction. Then we hade play. After play we had a spelling test. Then we did English, we did free writing based on picture with a dragon and three kids in the forest at night. Now lunch! We did a star reading test on the laptops to try get our new A.R levels. Next we had computing and learnt about spread sheets, we collected data from rolling a dice and input it into a spread sheet. Then we had singing assembly and then home time!


First thing we did was do the glockenspiel in music with the whole class. Next we had French we learnt about the weather and how to say types of weather in French. Then play. After play we practiced words we got wrong in our spelling test from Tuesday. Then we had FiF(fluent in five) and times tables. Then it was maths, this time we learnt about translating a shape from one point to another. Then we had lunch. Next we had art, we evaluated the Nicholas Roerich art pieces. Then we had F.O.W(finishing of work).Then it was home time again!


WORLD BOOK DAY! To start of the morning we did independent reading and quizzes. Then we had an orange test 10. Next we had FiF(fluent in five) and times tables. Then we had maths, we learnt about x axis and y axis reflection. Playtime! After play we did reading buddies with year one, then we did bunting of our favourite  book character. Then we read more of Kensukes kingdom(our class book). Then lunch. Next we had circle time. Now it will be outdoor P.E we did basketball. Then we had or world book day assembly. Then home time.


First we did reading and reading in the library. Next we did FiF (fluent in five) and times tables. Then maths, we did reflecting and translating co-ordinates. Playtime! Then we did set home learning. Then RSHE and science, we learnt about legal and illegal drugs and what they can do to your body. Then we read more Kensukes kingdom ( our class book ). Lunch. Next we did DT, we were designing beacons. Then we had appreciating assembly and two children(Robyn and Michaela) doing this blog! Then we had Home time!