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Pulborough Brooks

We visited Pulborough Brooks!


Wow - what a brilliant day Year 2 have had. We loved every moment! 


We started by meeting Paula, Sue and Dennis who work for the RSPB. We learned special actions to help us remember what RSPB stands for! Royal Society Protection of Birds!


We then went down to the severals and found lots of amazing minibeasts. We could either tap trees, use sieves of leaf litter on white fabric, or look under logs. We found so many creatures including centipedes, millipedes, beetles, spiders and one of us found an impressive Pseudo scorpion - so impressive in fact that after 6 years of searching herself, Paula gifted her special insect badge to say congratulations and thank you! 


After a spot of lunch, we went to the pond. We used nets to pond dip. All of us were very safe and careful - we were also respectful of the pond life we found. 

We had to choose our favourite animal in our groups and make a presentation about the insect. All the adults were impressed with our knowledge. 


As well as discovering many habitats, we learned a lot of new scientific vocabulary, including the words: microhabitat, invertebrate and translucent! We also recapped our learning about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores from Year 1. 

We finished our day with a game then came back on the coach. Some of us are very tired after a day spent outside! We are looking forward to remembering our learning with special collages and writing tomorrow. 

Minibeast hunt and pond dipping!

More minibeast hunting!