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Money Money Money!

We have been using money to help us add 1 and 2-digit numbers.


We were already very good at recoginsing coins and amounts of money. We played games like shops and pretending we had pocket money. We have also been using real coins to make amounts. 

Miss O'Hara challenged us to find different ways of making 30p. She was amazed at our ideas!


E made: 2p + 2p + 2p + 2p + 2p "because that's 10p" then + 10p + 10p

M made: 10p "times 3 is 30p"

H and A made: 10p + 20p

P made: 10p + 10p "that's 20p..." then 5p + "5 1ps" 


We started to think about getting change and if we had £1 to spend on some toys. The toys were 50p, 30p, 10p, 20p and 40p and we investigated which combinations of toys we could buy for £1. If we didn't make £1, Miss O'Hara challenged us to find out how much we would get back if we paid with a pound coin! We know that £1 is 100p so that helped us subtract. 


Amazing maths, Chaffinch class!