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Week 9

Monday: we did our SATS practice and then we did even more SATS but this time we did spelling, after that we did indoor gymnastics and got the apparatus out - it was very fun. Then we did our science lesson where we learnt about then circulatory system and tested our heart rates before and after exercise.


Tuesday: On Tuesday we did SATS practice AGAIN! After that we read our class book called Kensuke's Kingdom which is about a boy who got stranded on deserted island. The we did FOW which means finish off work. We did computing (which is modifying spreadsheets on Excel). At the end of the day we did singing assembly where we sung a song which I don't remember the name.


Wednesday: on Wednesday our music teacher Simon came in and taught us the glockenspiels after then we did French. Then we did our Arithmetic SATS after that we did FOW, then we did an assembly about International Women's day.


Thursday: On Thursday we did reasoning SATS practice, then we did our DT where we were finishing of our plans for our projects where we thought about the materials we needed. In PE we did invasion game which was very fun. Last but not least we did a leaf learner assembly.


Friday: On Friday we did our final SATS which was reasoning 2. In RSHE we learnt about legal and illegal drugs, like for example caffeine is a legal drug but cocaine is an illegal drug. Then we did assembly where Goodwood won with 133 house points. 

From Reubens and Fran;]