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Bramber's Day of Sport!

On a wet Wednesday morning, we invited the families of Petworth and Stanstead to watch them take part in Bramber's Day of Sport! Although the weather was not on our side, the children's resilience and perseverance shone through.


In the afternoon, the sun was shining and Goodwood and Parham families came to watch the children competing. Again, the positive attitude of the children and the enjoyment they shared doing the activities was noticed by all around the school. 


All of the children, from Reception to Year 6, participated at the six different activities: Football target darts, Archery, Obstacle race, Long jump, Tri-golf and Target throw/Netball shooting. These events were all scored by the Year 6 children and school adults, then all of these points were added together to create a total score for each house.


During the day we saw lots of children encouraging each other and challenging themselves to do their best - qualities we strive for at Bramber. We awarded two certificates per class for the children who showed great sporting behaviour and the children with the highest scores from KS1 and KS2 for each event received a medal. 


Overall, the results for the total number of points for each house was:

4th place: 1176 Stanstead

3rd place: 1515 Parham

2nd place: 1533 Goodwood

1st place: 1610 Petworth


Well done to all of the children and thank you to any of the families that came to support. It was a really lovely day.