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Starting School - New Entrants 2022


Welcome to Bramber! You are starting school in September 2022 and will be in Duckling Class. 


We are so excited to welcome you to our school family. 


On this page you will find information about your first year of school. 

Your teachers are Mrs Pugh and Miss Barber. 

Mrs Pugh teaches you Monday - Thursday.

Miss Barber teaches you on Friday.

Miss Law is your teaching assistant and she will be with you all week. 


You will also be taught by Mr McCann for PE and Mrs Killey. 

The Colour Monster Goes to School

We use the Colour Monster book to help us understand and identify our emotions. This story is all about starting school and how you might be feeling before September.

Your Duckling Classroom

Here are our Ducklings enjoying their first weeks of school in 2021

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