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Bramber School Values

Our Values and Aims



At Bramber, we foster a sense of belonging; from developing friendships and relationships in school, to finding our place in and contributing to the wider community. We feel safe, accepted and included as proud ambassadors of our school.



We will learn how to be resilient in our learning and our lives, knowing that if we persevere and have courage, we will be better learners. We will value mistakes and cope with challenges, knowing that this is how deep learning happens. 



We will endeavour to always improve and be the best we can be. We will do our best and put in a great level of effort to achieve as well as we can in our academic, social, emotional, artistic and physical development. Our achievements will be celebrated.


Make Discoveries

We will be curious and explore in all areas of learning and life. Taking opportunities that come our way or are presented to us, we will discover new ideas, skills, understanding and knowledge. 


Be Brave and Ambitious

At Bramber, we will be inspired by those around us to learn so that our aspirations can become a reality. In the spirit of endeavour we will venture forth and aim high in our lives to become the people that we want to be.


Enjoy Learning

We value enjoyment in learning at Bramber, where moments of happiness are frequent. This helps us to develop joy in learning and in our lives. 



We will show care and understanding towards each other at all times, respecting and embracing difference. We will be thoughtful towards each other, treating all people with compassion and showing empathy in a range of situations. We will always be respectful in our words, actions and manner. 



The whole school community will take responsibility for working hard in all areas, trying our best and aiming high. We will all be responsible for our actions and words. We will take responsibility for ourselves, each other, our belongings and our environment, growing in independence.