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Borris is currently on holiday from school but hopes to join us again soon!

Year 2 Maths fun!

Fabulous Year 4 readers

Working my way through Year 5 laps and cuddles!!

Another busy day at school and more fabulous readers (and cuddles!)

Some of my year 2 friends!

More fabulous readers from Year 4 and 6.

Reading with Year 4, Seagulls... (not the real birds unfortunately!)

Where have all the books gone?

More interesting stories from Year 6.

Reading with Year 1, Robin class.

Me being gentle!

Year 6 amazing readers!

Phonics fun in Robin class

Playtime fun in the 'quiet area'

Homework helper!

Reading with friends

Busy day!

I am back!!!

Merry Christmas to all my friends at school and their families. I hope you like my Christmas Jumper more than I do!

Lots of my friends read to me today, they were fantastic.

Today my friend in Year 6 read me a story he had written. I loved it, the story had a puppy in it just like me!

Today I had fun with Year 4 when they were learning their Maths, I was a bit distracting though but they loved telling me what they were doing!

Today I met the children in Ducklings class.

Liv chose a great book about the beach that she read to me today. I like playing on the beach in the sand.

Charlotte and Chloe read The Gruffalo book to me today, they showed me the pictures too!

Back to school

Bertie and I went to the beach today and we met Betsy! Betsy was looking for crabs. She picked up huge rocks and looked under them to find lots of creatures! Betsy was brave she picked up the crabs and put them in her bucket. I loved watching her and then Bertie and I ran along the sand, it was fun.

I met lots of my doggie friends at the park today too. See if you can find out what breed of dogs they are... Rafi is the black and white fluffy one, Lola is the long brown one and Emily is the brown and white one

I have had a great time today, I went to the park and met lots of friends! Look- I met Ava and Imogen with their little dog Maple! Maple runs really fast!

Today was bath day. I don't like having a bath. I don't like water. I kept trying to jump out of the bath! I don't like the shampoo it smells like water melons! After my bath I had to sit and have my fur dried with a hair dryer, I don't like sitting still! Anyway when I was all clean I ran straight back out in the garden and got muddy feet! My mum (Mrs Allwright) was not happy with me, but she still loves me!

Today on my walk I came across this fairy door. I wasn't allowed to look inside incase I scared the fairies.

Today I went for a walk with my brother Bertie, he is a bit shy so won't be coming to school.

Today I have been checking out the new school website, it looks great, I will try and get into lots of photos. I like my picture being taken!

I made a rainbow today to keep all my friends at school and their families safe. I miss them all