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8th October

Robin Class

Andrei - Respectful and Responsible

Andrei has been trying really hard to make good choices when choosing somewhere to sit on the carpet and stand in the line.

Magnus - Enjoying Learning

Magnus has made good contributions to class discussions.



Cameron - he has played very well at playtime with his friends.  He eats quietly in the hall and is respectful to adults at lunchtime.


Chaffinch Class

All of Chaffinch Class!  Brave and Ambitious

For their excellent behaviour and learning on our trip to Pulborough Brooks.  We are so proud of them.



Ben - he is quiet and patient at lunchtimes and always leaves the table clean and tidy.


Dove Class

George Sl - Resilience

George always tries his best and has a smile on his face.  He has shown real resilience.


Lottie - Respectful and  Responsible

Lottie is always respectful and responsible and can be trusted in all areas of school life.



Willow - for being kind and respectful to others and follows all the Bramber values.


Seagull Class

Theo - Enjoying Learning

Theo is a joy in the classroom! He is so interested in his learning and used independence and resilience throughout the school day.

Elle - Belonging

Elle is a good friend to everyone and is keen to help her friends with their learning.  She loves to discuss her activities and always shares her good mood!



Joe - always very polite and sensible in the dining hall.


Kingfisher Class

Aimee - Achievement

Aimee is an excellent hard worker.  She produces a brilliant standard of work and is always motivated.

Jayden - Enjoying Learning

Jayden is so enthusiastic about his learning.  He always has his hand up and offers so many great ideas.



Josh - he is always very sensible and quiet and eats his lunch nicely.


Heron Class

Cameron - Brave and Ambitious

Cam had a fall last week and he was so brave.  He hasn't let it stop him from learning or trying his best!  He always pushes himself - keep it up Cam!

Michaela - Enjoying Learning

Michaela tries her best in all of her work.  She is enthusiastic and wants to do well.  She is helpful to others and is enjoying the learning we are doing. Well done Michaela!



Sophia - she is always very sensible and polite and a good friend to other children at lunchtimes.  A very good role model.


Activity Club

Dylan F - Belonging

He has been kind and patient towards the other children in the club.  He helps them with their games and explains how to do things if they are unsure.