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5th November

Robin Class

Evie - Enjoying Learning

For always trying really hard and contributing to class discussions.

Ben - Respectful and Responsible

For making good choices to ensure that he is not distracted by others so that he can give the teacher his full attention.  By doing this, he has been a good role model for the other children.


Stanley - he has been so sensible this week and has been very kind at playtime.


Chaffinch Class

Jude - Making Discoveries

We are delighted with Jude's attitude to learning.  He is making really good progress with his reading and making discoveries about the things he reads and learns.

Ava - Respectful and Responsible

Ava is a role model for her behaviour in everything she does.  I can always see Ava making sensible choices.  She is always polite and kind to children and adults.


Milo - for being polite and sensible and trying to ignore distractions.


Dove Class

Barney - Resilience

For always trying his best and showing resilience when he is learning.

Chloe - Brave and Ambitious

Chloe is being very brave and is now answering questions when we are doing whole class learning.


Linus - he follows the rules during lunchtime - eating quietly and being kind and respectful to others.


Seagull Class

Ethan- Enjoying Learning

Ethan has been showing that he is really engaged with his learning lately.  This makes a real difference to your progress Ethan - great job!

Molly - Making Discoveries

Molly has an enquiring mind and is a natural learner.  Her enthusiasm sets a great example to the others in the class.


Louis - eating sensibly and quietly.


Kingfisher Class

Dylan - Respectful and Responsible

Dylan is a very hard worker.  He puts 100% effort into all that he does.  He is a calm and sensible and an excellent role model to others.

Henry L - Belonging and Achievement

Henry is such a cheerful, happy member of the class.  He is very kind and is always willing to help others. Henry works hard too and produces thoughtful work.


Yelena - she is always quiet and polite during lunchtime.  She encourages her friends to make good choices by being a great role model.


Heron Class

Robyn - Enjoying Learning

Robyn has been very enthusiastic about the learning that we have been doing.  She asks questions and contributes in lessons.  She also enjoys writing - a lot!

Louie - Resilience

I have noticed a change in Louie since coming back this half term.  He is persevering with his learning and is showing a positive attitude to the topics.


Harvey -  he always sits and eats his lunch quietly, calmly and sensibly.


Activity Club

Niamh  - Belonging

Niamh always comes in with a happy and positive attitude.  She is always kind and caring towards the other children, being helpful if needed.