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3rd December

Robin Class

Frankii - Enjoying Learning

Frankii has been trying so hard with her phonics.  She found a red word very tricky but she didn't give up until she got it right. We are proud that Frankii is enjoying learning.

Liepa - Brave and Ambitious

Liepa is a very enthusiastic class member.  She isn't afraid to try new things and always approaches a challenge with a positive attitude.


Zach - Zach has been making an effort to eat quietly.  He always has manners for the adults and plays well.


Chaffinch Class

Benji - Respectful and Responsible

Benji is always respectful, considerate and kind to others.  As well as this, Benji has taken the responsibility of learning his lines for the nativity and I am very proud of him!

Logan - Brave and Ambitious

Logan is playing Joseph - a starring role- in our nativity.  At first, Logan was a bit worried to be on the stage but he has learned his lines brilliantly and we're proud of him.


Dove Class

Lottie - Respectful and Responsible

Lottie always treats others with respect and uses kind words.  She is a pleasure to be around.

Olivia- Enjoying Learning

Liv has been smiling and really enjoying learning this week.


Barney - He always follows all the Bramber values and listens to adults. He is always kind to others at lunchtime.


Seagull Class

Lani - Respectful and Responsible

Lani always shows polite behaviour in class and sets a good example to others.  Thank you Lani!

Theodore  - Enjoying Learning

Theodore shoed some great engagement during a netball lesson and was supportive to his team mates.  He is a great netball goal scorer too!


Austin - For being kind to others and sitting quietly.


Kingfisher Class

Isla C - Achievement

Isla has been trying so hard with all her learning.  Her focus has improved and she now concentrates for much longer periods of time.

Brodie - Achievement

Brodie's writing has improved immensely.  He produces a lot more now which shows his writing stamina is higher.  The quality of his writing is also great.


Sofia - She is always polite and sits quietly and sensibly to eat her lunch.


Heron Class

Lexi - Achievement

Lexi always follows the Bramber values.  She is a great role model to others and she shows maturity.  We are so pleased with how Lexi is encouraging others.

Harvey - Brave and Ambitious

We are so pleased with Harvey's effort to be a good role model.  He is also encouraging his peers to be respectful and we are seeing him try very hard in his learning.  Keep it up Harvey!


Martha - for eating quietly and sensibly in the hall.  She is a good role model.