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26th November

Robin Class

Edward - Achievement

Edward worked hard on his Good Bus story and produced a beautiful piece of work.

Freddie - Resilience

He did not give up on his writing when he had to start again.


Evan - for always having lovely manners.


Chaffinch Class

Drew - Respectful and Responsible

Drew is kind and considerate.  He always listens to instructions and he is polite to all the children and adults.

Ava - Resilience

After her week off, Ava has come back and settled so quickly into her learning and class life.  She tried really hard with her learning from home too.


Poppy - for always eating sensibly.


Dove Class

Barney - Respectful and Responsible

Barney is always respectful and always tries his best.

Frankie - Resilient

Frankie has been very resilient and has worked hard all week.


Lottie - always being polite and shows all the Bramber values.


Seagull Class

Henry - Respectful and Responsible

I have been noticing Henry all week, showing kind and respectful behaviour at his table and in the playground.  He sets a great example to others.

Emilie - Enjoying Learning

Emilie always gets involved in lessons: asks great questions and makes good suggestions.  She is a wonderful member of Seagull Class.


Molly - always eating sensibly.


Kingfisher Class

Josh - Achievement

Josh works very hard at everything in the classroom.  He is focused and always produces his very best work.

Ella - Resilient

Ella is a super-star.  She always tries hard and always wants to improve.  She is very resilient - when she can't quite work something out she keeps going.


Jenson - always sensible and eats quietly.  He is polite and respectful; a really good role model.


Heron Class

Lola - Enjoying Learning

Lola could be in the Bramber book each week for following lots of the Bramber values.  She is always enthusiastic about her learning and tries her best.

Nico - Belonging

Nico makes sure no-one is left out.  He is always encouraging and supporting his peers.  He really understands how other people feel and looks after them when they need it.


Poppy G - always sits and eats quietly and sensibly.  She is a super role model.