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24th September

Robin Class

Sophia - Respectful and Responsible

Sophia is always ready to learn and shows respect to others by listening and paying attention.

Alex - Enjoying Learning

Alex takes a lot of pride in his work.  He tries really hard to make his work look presentable and does not rush it.



Reid is a very good role model for the rest of the class at lunchtime.  Reid has good manners and plays well with all the children.


Chaffinch Class

Bluebell - Enjoying Learning

Bluebell is always making connections between what she already knows and new Year 2 learning.  She is enthusiastic and committed to her learning.

Skyler - Respectful and Responsible

Skyler has made an excellent start to Year 2.  She is a good friend to everyone in the class.  She has tried her best to be respectful to teachers at all times.



Mayya is always sensible and eat her lunch nicely.


Dove Class

Evalyn - all the Bramber values

Evalyn always shows all our Bramber values.  It is so lovely to have such a responsible member of the class.

Jase - Enjoying Learning.

Jase is really enjoying his learning and his learning is getting better and better!



Charlotte is always being a good role model and being nice to others.


Seagull Class

Eliza - Respectful and Responsible

Eliza is so helpful around the classroom, offering to do jobs and help adults.  She is such a good role model.

Casper - Making Discoveries

Casper was a star scientist this week, investigating how electric circuits work.  Well done!



Casper is always very polite and respectful and a good role model in the dining hall.


Kingfisher Class

Isla R - Enjoying Learning

Isla is a fantastic role model.  She is such a hard worker and so enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Pim - Enjoying Learning

Pim never fails to show her very best in all that she does.


Sophia P

Sophia is respectful and always shows good listening during lunchtime.


Heron Class

Reubens - Enjoying Learning

Reubens is always enthusiastic about learning and wants to do well.  He is helpful to others and listens beautifully.

Katie - Belonging

Katie could be in the book for showing all the Bramber values! She is very kind to everyone and she is constantly encouraging and helping others.


Activity Club

Izzie - Belonging

Izzie has been very kind, caring, patient and supportive towards the Duckling children who started at Activity club this week.