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1st October

Robin Class

Noah - Belonging

Noah helped a Duckling find their way back to class when they were lost.  He also showed great sporting behaviours at the rugby skills at TAB.

Stanley - Enjoying Learning

Stanley has shown a great 'can do' attitude towards learning this week.  He recognised what he needs to do and is ready to learn.



Liam - for being so responsible at lunch time.  He tried new food and ate quietly in the hall.


Chaffinch Class

Coby - Achievement

We are very pleased with Coby's behaviour and attitude at school this week.  Every morning, he settles into school very sensibly and sets a good example for the other children.

Daisy - Belonging

Daisy shows all our Bramber values in her learning and attitude. She is very helpful and supports other people with learning learning.



Aaron - for waiting so quietly and patiently for his lunch.


Dove Class 

Ralph - Enjoying Learning

Ralph has worked so hard this week and has been really enjoying his learning.

Samiar - Brave and Ambitious

Samiar joins in with all the learning and never gives up - he is really ambitious!



Samiar - sitting quietly and be kind to others.


Seagull Class

Martha - Respectful and Responsible

Martha always sets a good example with her attitude to learning.  She loves to discuss things and is a really positive person!


Mason - Making Discoveries

Mason is never afraid to 'have a go' during lessons and shares his discoveries with the class.  What a good learner!



Eliza - always eating sensibly


Kingfisher Class

Adam - Brave and Ambitious

Adam is a hard worker.  He always tries his hardest and has a positive approach to all his learning.

Amelia - Belonging

Amelia is a little ray of sunshine! She is always smiling and she always tries her best.  She is a good friend to everyone.



Pim - always sits and eats so sensibly and quietly.  She is a great role model.


Heron Class

Andy - Brave and Ambitious

Even though Andy has fractured his finger, he is still giving everything a try and is not letting it stop him.  He is also enthusiastic about our learning.

Sophia - Respectful and Responsible

Sophia works so hard and is always listening.  She offers to help others and do jobs for us.  She is polite to everyone and is setting a great Year 6 example.



Lola - always calm, polite and sensible at lunchtimes - and all times - a super role model.


Activity Club

Elsie - belonging

Elsie always comes to club with a positive attitude and forms good relationships with the other children.  She invites them to join in games and encourages and praises their efforts.