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19th November

Robin Class

Liepa - Belonging

Liepa is always kind to others.  She offers to play with children that do not have anyone else to play with and shows compassion to those that are upset.

Finley H - Resilience

Finley has tried really hard in maths and reading this week.  He hasn't given up when he's found things tricky.


Noah - he has been very helpful at lunch this week by reminding his friends to eat quietly.  He has also made a special effort to help a child that has been struggling this week.  Well done Noah!


Chaffinch Class

Lily - Making Discoveries

Lily is a fantastic learner.  She always thinks carefully about what she is going to write.  Lily knows a lot about the world and always makes interesting points during discussions on the carpet.

Ellie - Brave and Ambitious

Ellie tries her best in every lesson, especially writing and PE.  In writing, she uses all our Year 2 learning and in PE she is an excellent role model.


Ezra - he is always patient and calm with others at lunchtime.  He always eats sensibly.


Dove Class

Anika - Achievement

Anika always wants to achieve her best and she is loving learning.

Amaia - Achievement

Amaia is joining in more with our class learning.


Barney - for always eating sensibly.


Seagull Class

Olly - Achievement

Olly wrote a super letter this week, which was linked to our class story.  He used lots of ways to persuade a character to change his mind.  He was also brave enough to read it out in Leaf Learners assembly.

Amber-Rose - Enjoying Learning

Amber has shown lots of enthusiasm for her maths this week and has been successfully because of it.  She has also been enjoying our story so much - asking lots of questions and sharing her ideas.


Emilie - for always having good manners and setting a good example to others.


Kingfisher Class

Sofia B - Brave and Ambitious

Sofia works so hard.  She doesn't always find everything easy but she gives everything 100% and always with a smile on her face!

Bessie - Belonging

Bessie is a little ray of sunshine! She is a very good friend to everyone in the class.


Ollie - for sitting and eating nicely and always putting his hand up to ask questions.  A great role model!


Heron Class

Ryley - Achievement

We have been so pleased with Ryley's focus this week.  He has been pushing himself in his maths and worked so hard with his group on his Windrush poem.

Tommy - Brave and Ambitious

We are so pleased with Tommy's perseverance and change in attitude this week to challenges.  Tommy shows determination and doesn't give up.  We are really proud of his ambition to succeed.


Lexi - for always being calm and sensible.  She is a lovely role model.


Activity Club

Frankie - he always comes to Breakfast Club excited to share his news and play with his friends.  He is very knowledgeable about many things and likes to share what he has learnt.