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17th September

Robin Class

Evan - Resilience

Evan has shown a great attitude towards learning this week.  He is more patient with his learning, therefore the presentation has got better.

Elodie -Respectful and Responsible

Elodie is always ready to learn and is kind and polite to her peers.



Finely H - he has sat in the lunch hall quietly everyday this week.  He is very polite to the adults at lunch and plays kindly with his friends.  Finley is a very good role model to others in the dinner hall.


Chaffinch Class

Poppy - Respectful and Responsible

It has been a pleasure having Poppy in Chaffinch Class over our first two weeks together in Year 2.  She is always polite to adults and children.  Poppy is a role model for behaviour.

Caspar - Brave and Ambitious

Caspar recently wrote a poem about all the things a dot could be.  He used excellent adjectives to describe the nouns and tried very hard to spell words that are from the Year 2 list.  Well done Caspar!



Freya - she is always quiet and sensible at lunchtimes and very polite and respectful to the adults in the lunch hall.


Dove Class

Sophie - Brave and Ambitious

Sophie is trying her very best and always puts her hands up to ask questions.

Olivia - Respectful and Responsible

Liv settles quickly to her work and is a responsible member of Dove Class.



Chloe - for always sitting quietly during lunch time and following the Bramber values.


Seagull Class

Adam - Respectful and Responsible

Adam always shows helpful  behaviour and takes responsibility for himself and his surroundings.

Louis - Achievement

Louis has made super progress just in one week of swimming!  Well done Louis!



Isla N - for eating her lunch sensibly.


Kingfisher Class

Prem - Achievement

Prem has made an excellent start to the Autumn term.  She is mature and hard-working.  She is producing beautiful written work in English and great effort in maths.

Ollie - Enjoying learning

Ollie has great enthusiasm for learning and politeness to all adults.  Keep it up Ollie!



Ethan - for sitting nicely and talking quietly to his friend.  He always follows adults' instructions during lunchtime.


Heron Class

Henry - Achievement

Henry has stepped up to the Year 6 expectations and has been a focused worker!  Well done Henry!



Reubens - for always being sensible and polite at lunchtimes.  He is a good role model.


Activity Club

Aaron - Respectful and Responsible

Aaron has been using his listening skills.  He has been polite and well-mannered, respectful and responsible.