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15th October

Robin Class

Samuel - Enjoying Learning

Samuel is enthusiastic about learning all of the time.  He tries really hard to be the best that he can be.

Cameron - Respectful and Responsible

He is always being so helpful and kind to others.



Harry - for trying hard to follow the Bramber values.  Harry is a very kind friend.


Chaffinch Class

Jude - Making Discoveries

We are delighted with Jude's attitude to learning.  He is making really good progress with his reading and making discoveries about things he reads and learns.

Ava - Respectful and Responsible

Ava is a role model for her behaviour in everything she does.  I can always see Ava making sensible choices.  She is always polite and kind to children and adults.



Evie H - for being a kind and considerate friend.



Dove Class

Rafa - Respectful and Responsible

Rafa always tries his best and is always respectful and responsible.

Archie - Achievement

Archie is showing enjoyment in his learning and because of this he is achieving.



Flynn - for following all the Bramber values and being kind to others.


Seagull Class

Irenka - Respectful and Responsible

Irenka always shows perfect behaviour on  the coach on our trips to the pool.  She sets a wonderful example for to others to follow.

Joe - Making Discoveries

Joe loves his learning and always supports his friends during lessons.  What a great member of the class!



Elle - for quietly eating and being respectful to the adults.


Kingfisher Class

Imogen - Achievement

Imogen is an all rounder.  She works incredibly hard in every lesson.  She is also kind and is a lovely friend to all.

Yelena - Belonging

Yelena has shown great kindness to other children.  She shows great support and has a very mature attitude.



Sophia P - always being so polite and sensible.  She shows all the Bramber values at lunchtime.


Heron Class

Harvey - Achievement

We have noticed a massive improvement in Harvey's attitude to learning and this has meant an improvement in his learning.  We want Harvey to keep this up and keep pushing himself.

Poppy H - Enjoying Learning

Poppy has had a brilliant start to Year 6.  She is motivated by the topic and shares interesting facts she has learnt.  Keep it up Poppy!



Michaela - is always polite and sensible at lunchtimes.  She is a good role model to the children in the class.


Activity Club

Dylan F - Belonging

Dylan has been kind and patient towards the other children in the club.  He helps them with their games and explains how to do things if they are unsure.

Dylan S-G - Respectful and Responsible

Dylan is always respectful and good at listening.  What ever he chooses to do, he sees it through to the end and is very helpful in club.