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12th November

Robin Class

Emmerson - Enjoying Learning

Emmerson tried really hard in maths this week.  She was able to write calculations independently and showed pride in her work.

Arthur - Resilience

Arthur has tried really hard this week to make his work look more presentable and he hasn't given up when he found it tricky.


Freddie - he is a patient pupil.  He always says 'thank you' and he is a kind friend at playtime.


Chaffinch Class

Mayya - Belonging

Mayya is a kind friend to everyone in the class.  She makes an effort to learn really well with lots of different children.

Mattie - Brave and Ambitious

Mattie has an important role in our nativity play soon.  He agreed to be really brave and have a go.  Yesterday, he read his lines for the first time and it was so good everyone clapped! We are really proud of you Mattie!


Ellie - for always being polite, patient and quiet in the lunch hall.  She is a good friend at playtime.


Dove Class

Joey - Achievement

Joey is putting his hand up to answer questions all the time.  He can now work on his own.

Henry - All the Bramber Values

Henry always follow all our Bramber values.  He is a great role model in Dove Class.


Henry - always being nice and polite.  He tries to help others.


Seagull Class

Caleb - Enjoying Learning

Caleb is enjoying our class book and he always asks questions and makes super predictions about the text.

Sophia - Belonging

Sophia is a fantastic team member and great role model for the rest of the class.  She always helps her classmates and is so polite and kind.


Mason - he is always polite and sensible in the hall at lunchtime.


Kingfisher Class

Siobhan - Achievement

Siobhan is an incredibly hard worker and always gives her best.  She is also becoming much more independent and looks after her equipment really well.

Jenson - Achievement

Jenson is a very hard worker.  He is always quiet and focused.  The standard of his work is becoming much higher.  Keep it up Jenson!


Mia - she is always polite and sensible, eating her lunch quietly.  She is a great role model.


Heron Class

Noah - Achievement

Noah has been working hard in all subjects this half term.  He has a positive attitude to learning and has completed everything we have asked him to with extra challenges as well!  Keep it up Noah!

Martha - Respectful and Responsible

Martha has been showing such respect to her peers and the adults around school.  She is enjoying the responsibilities and always remembers everything she has been asked to do without reminding her!


Lola - she is always calm and sensible at lunchtimes and very polite and kind.


Activity Club

Lulu - she always comes to club with a happy and positive attitude.  She ensures other children are not left out of games and is patient and caring towards the Duckling children.