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10th September

Robin Class

Dylan - Respectful and Responsible

Dylan is always one of the first children on the carpet, sat nicely and ready to learn.  He sets a good example to the rest of the class by following the Bramber Values.

Finley H - Enjoying Learning

Finley impressed us with his beautiful drawing of a leaf that he collected during our science lesson about trees.


Chaffinch Class

Ben - Belonging

Ben has shown how brave and mature he is this week by very quickly settling into Year 2 life and being a Bramber pupil.  He has made lots of friends and tried hard with his learning too.

Freya - Enjoying Learning

Freya has not only tried incredibly hard with new Year 2 learning but she has done it all with a smile on her face! Freya's enthusiasm inspires the children around her.


Dove Class

Leo - all the Bramber Values

Leo show all the Bramber Values.  I know I can trust Leo to do the right thing.

Theo - all the Bramber Values

Theo is polite, thoughtful and hard working. He is a great member of Dove Class.


Seagull Class

Lulu - Enjoying learning

Lulu always joins in class discussions with such enthusiasm and tries her hardest in everything.

Mahdi - Belonging

Mahdi is a good, supportive friend to many children and sets a really good example to others with his behaviour.


Kingfisher Class

Mia - Resilience

Mia has made an excellent start to Year 5 and has shown lots of bravery even though she was quite nervous to being with.

Ethan - Enjoying Learning

Ethan has made a wonderful start to Year 5.  He has shown great concentration and a willingness to learn.  Keep it up!


Heron Class

Poppy G - Enjoying Learning

Poppy has been enthusiastic about our new topic.  She listens beautifully, asks questions to find out more and shares her thoughts in class discussions.

Lexi - Respectful and Responsible

Lexi is always listening beautifully.  She is kind and caring to others and is very helpful.  Lexi is showing great year 6 behaviour!