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10th December

Robin Class

Emmerson - Achievement

For trying really hard in the nativity and practices.  She set a really good example for the other children.

Stanley - Enjoying Learning

Stanley has worked really hard in maths and phonics this week and has made good progress.


Evan - Thank you for having such lovely lunchtime manners and for helping others to make the right choice.


Chaffinch Class 

Evie H - Belonging

Evie is a kind and friendly member of Chaffinch Class.  She always makes sure everyone is included in play and learning.

Arthur - Resilience

Arthur tries really hard with his learning even when its challenging.  He never has a negative attitude to learning and is always ready to learn.


Evie N - For being calm and quiet at lunchtimes and always being helpful.


Dove Class 

Felix - Respectful and Responsible

Felix is always respectful when an adult talks to him and listens to the suggestions made.

George Su - Enjoying Learning

George joins in the learning all the time.  He always has something to say.


Anika - Being polite and helpful, sensible and kind.  She always eats nicely.


Seagull Class

Isla G - Enjoying Learning

Year 4 had a trip to Brighton Museum yesterday.  Isla was really interested in all the exhibits and like to chat to adults about what she saw.

Olivia - Belonging

Olivia has shown some good attitude towards her friends in class this week.  It was lovely to watch her supporting her friends on our museum trip.


Lani - She is a great role model.  Always eating sensibly.


Kingfisher Class

Ruby  - Achievement

Ruby is very settled with her learning at the moment.  I was particularly impressed with some independent reading comprehension she did.

Scarlett - Achievement

Scarlett is working hard.  She always shows that she wants to improve her learning.  She also did a brilliant piece of reading comprehension.


Scarlett - She is polite and quiet.  Always sits and eats nicely.


Heron Class

Dylan - Achievement

Dylan has been very focused this week.  He has worked hard continually and has maintained his positive, happy personality throughout a week of assessments.

Fran - Resilience

Fran has worked really hard this week and showed great resilience.  She has not given up and has kept trying.


Noah - He has been polite and patient at lunchtimes.


Activity Club

Ollie - He is always polite and respectful towards his friends at club.  He enjoys joining in with arts and crafts and we are always amazed by the wonderful pictures he creates!